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Roots is a starter theme that uses HTML Template and Ebru. Download (zip)


Ebru is a front-end framework for creating beautiful websites and web apps. Download (zip)


Ink allows you to easily and quickly create beautiful, responsive HTML e-mails. Download (zip)


Bedrock is a WordPress boilerplate for modern WordPress installations with better configuration. Download (zip)


Foundation is a no-frills CSS base. Foundation makes browsers render elements consistently. Download (zip)


Make your website or web app run fast. Download (zip)


Making sure your websites, blogs and apps are healthy. Download (zip)

WP Tests

WP Tests is a fantastically exhaustive set of tools to help you test and measure the integrity of your WordPress site.


Classic websites and web apps. Download (zip)

Better WP Search

Better WP Search improves the default WordPress search functionality currently in two ways: If there is only one search result, redirect to that post; and Replaces search URL…

Hello World

Hello World in various scripting and programming languages. Download (zip)

Disable WP Emojis

Disable WP Emojis allows you to remove emojis from your WordPress site’s or blog’s front-end, including the feeds, as well as the administration panel pages and e-mails. [donations]…

WordPress .htaccess Yeoman Generator

Yeoman Generator to generate a WordPress .htaccess file. WordPress .htaccess Yeoman Generator follows best security and performance practices for WordPress installations. With the WordPress .htaccess Yeoman Generator, you…

Bootstrap Admin

Bootstrap Admin is a starter theme for building admin panels using the Bootstrap front-end framework. Bootstrap Admin currently supports a starter theme for a top navbar, left sidebar,…

Brand Colours

Brand Colours is a collection of major brands’ HEX and RGB colour codes. Brand Colours comes in minified and unminified CSS and for Sass. Download (zip)