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Code the North LinkedIn Group

Code the North is here to help Canada through code. Discuss anything code or technology related that could help Canada. Visit Group

Website Design Canada LinkedIn Group

Web Design Canada is a group for anyone, newbie or professional, interested in creating, managing, building and tweaking a website. This group is designed to learn and…

WordPress Toronto LinkedIn Group

Where Toronto WordPress professionals can talk about anything related to WordPress, such as themes and plugins. Visit Group

Blogging Canada LinkedIn Group

A group where Canadian bloggers can share tips, tricks and get technical support for their blogs. Visit Group

Digital Marketing Edmonton LinkedIn Group

Where digital marketing professionals in the Edmonton region can talk about anything related to digital marketing, such as SEO, social media, online ads and web optimization. Visit Group

Ghost Blogging Platform LinkedIn Group

Discuss anything related to the Ghost blogging platform, such as how-to use the admin dashboard, and creating themes and plugins. Visit Group


Roots is a starter theme that uses HTML Template and Ebru. Download (zip)


Ebru is a front-end framework for creating beautiful websites and web apps. Download (zip)


Ink allows you to easily and quickly create beautiful, responsive HTML e-mails. Download (zip)


Bedrock is a WordPress boilerplate for modern WordPress installations with better configuration. Download (zip)


Foundation is a no-frills CSS base. Foundation makes browsers render elements consistently. Download (zip)


Make your website or web app run fast. Download (zip)


Making sure your websites, blogs and apps are healthy. Download (zip)

WP Tests

WP Tests is a fantastically exhaustive set of tools to help you test and measure the integrity of your WordPress site.


Classic websites and web apps. Download (zip)